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Control Your Growing Environment, Control Your Costs!
With production costs going sky-high and no relief in sight, it’s more important than ever that you optimize your greenhouse environment in a way that reduces your use of heating fuel, electricity, water, fertilizer and other inputs—while still maximizing plant quality, of course. That is something your environmental control system should be capable of doing—provided you have the right equipment and know how to set up and monitor the system!

In this free webinar, environmental controls expert Dirk Sprangers from Argus Controls, along with Shawn Cooney, a CEA lettuce and hemp grower and co-founder of the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition, will discuss how automating your growing environment can lead to a more profitable and sustainable operation.

You will learn:

- If you have the right equipment installed
- The potential ROI for various investments in energy efficiency
- Environmental control system capabilities for managing your equipment
- Control tips for energy conservation
- How to leverage “smart” irrigation and fertigation
- Innovations coming from “plant-centric” controls suppliers
- And much more!

Hosted by Chris Beytes, editor, GrowerTalks/Green Profit and Acres Online


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