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Perennials for Cut Flowers
If you are in the locally grown cut flower business, you’ll definitely want to attend this webinar to learn about perennial varieties to add to your crop list!

It’s slated for Wednesday, August 17, at 1 p.m. Eastern/Noon Central/10 a.m. Pacific

Perennials are an important part of the crop mix on a diversified cut flower farm. Many perennials bloom weeks before summer annuals, giving you an early start on the season, with additional income opportunities.

In this GrowerTalks webinar, brought to you by Ball Seed, you’ll hear about perennial cut flowers from a range of world’s best breeding and producing companies, including Benary, GET Group, Green Leaf Plants, Darwin Perennials and Walters Gardens. Best of all, it’s timed perfectly to bring in new varieties as we head into the late summer/fall planting season. This promises to be a MUST-ATTEND event for your whole cut flower team!

If you aren’t currently a Ball Seed or Ball ColorLink customer, sign up for an account today by calling (800) 686-7380 so your account will be ready to use after you discover new perennials during the webinar.


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